At Lambie-Nairn we never make it more complicated than it needs to be. It really helps that we are straightforward, down-to-earth people and pretty good listeners. Always prepared to roll our sleeves up and get stuck in whatever the challenge. So it’s not a surprise that we get on with our clients and have some of the longest relationships in the business, managing and evolving their brands over many years.

Senior Team

When he’s not hitting winners on the tennis court Jim is focused on using the power of creativity to turn our clients into winners in their chosen field. As CEO of Lambie-Nairn he’s determined that every time we serve, it’s an ace!

Jim Prior


Since joining Lambie-Nairn, Adrian has raised two small children to become young adults, built and evolved countless international brands, and planted over 1570 bulbs in his garden. He likes growing things.

Adrian Burton

Executive Creative Director

It is rare for Nicky not to be carrying a passport, flitting between languages and countries, and balancing her responsibilities for her international teams, clients and her beautiful girls. She’s a lover of diverse cultures, good food and good company. Surely the perfect fit.

Nicky Nicolls

President Spain & Latin America

Balancing the peaks of the office with a taste for the outdoors, Andy is a true navigator who can’t beat a good scramble on the hills with his trusted camera. And family. These days we believe his children are encouraged to carry the rucksacks.

Andy Hayes

Managing Director Northern Europe & Middle East

After years of living out of a suitcase as an internal auditor, Tim has recently completed 10 years as Financial Director and now has three small children, adding a great deal more years to his youthful total.

Tim Beauchamp

Finance Director

Natalie is a born and bred ‘juggler’, combining her role as CFO for Lambie-Nairn as well as for another WPP agency, with being a mother to two girls, wife to another ‘very busy’ person, and a Marathon runner. She modestly keeps us all in line and is as successful on the home front!

Natalie Clark


Claire is never short of energy. Leading a team of people with equal inquisitiveness; a mum, a cyclist, a mentor, a devourer of great literature, and always ahead of the latest trends (both fashion and brand). Downtime? What downtime!

Claire Holmes

Head of Strategy

Tim is responsible for problem-solving, finding solutions to difficult and complex issues. He loves it. His blue-sky and creative thinking surely stems from his [nearly] all-consuming passion for mountaineering.

Tim Simmons

Managing Creative Director Madrid

Whilst loving the simple and family oriented things in life, it was recently revealed Philipp was a semi-professional ice-hockey player in his earlier years. It explains his enthusiasm for team spirit, and going the extra mile. And possibly his love of wearing hats.

Philipp Mühlebach

Regional Director Germany - Creative

Rock climbing, freeride skiing or downhill mountain biking, Bastian likes to take controlled risks and push the boundaries. Fascinated by seeing brands pushed outside of their comfort zones too, Bastian will do what it takes to make them excel.

Bastian Lindberg

Regional Director Germany - Strategy & Client Services

Born and raised in the mountains, Radek has a passion for the great outdoors; hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, or exploring mountain heights with his fantastic dog. Radek is fascinated by the human voice, actively sings and – unsurprisingly, isn’t shy about being vocal on his beliefs!

Radek Horáček

Client Director, CZ&SK

Since joining Lambie-Nairn his two older children have become adolescents and his twins have left their diapers and started applying rouge. He must have seen over 1500 live rugby matches the world over. Life happens intensely to Marcelo and its evident in his company.

Marcelo Moresco

General Manager, Argentina

As important as applying strategic methodologies to client brand projects is, André also believes in a renaissance lifestyle - fundamental to which is playing bass in rock and blues bands, and photographing urban scenes in gritty black and white.

André Chui

Strategy Director

The first Lambie-Nairn girl in America! Day by day working hard betwixt mountains and sea, Cristina is a latin-blooded salsa dancer, connoisseur of good food, and definitely of good people. She is on a mission to conquer new business, new brands and … love.

Cristina Ávila

Client Manager


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