We love simple



The German telco market is highly competitive and being disruptive is essential for brands to stand out and get noticed. Telefónica Germany’s mobile brand Blau was being repositioned with a new, simplified tariff portfolio.


Lambie-Nairn was tasked to develop a new brand strategy and a bold identity to cut through and tell this new compelling story.


A key characteristic of the German telecommunications market is the overwhelming variety of options and competitor tendency to overpromise and under-deliver, confusing and frustrating the consumer. Research had identified that many consumers were exhausted by this complexity and appreciated that less is often more. The solution was to create a brand that recognised this need state and provided a genuine no frills approach.

Welcome to a world of clarity and simplicity. Welcome to Blau.

As the brand delivers simplicity across everything it does, the new identity brought this to life with a big bold logo and simple typography. The emphasis being on the essentials, not the extras, which was refreshing in the complex world of telecoms. Story icons were used to playfully simplify messages and a newly developed tone of voice contributed to confident and witty communications which cut through the category hype.

Minimal, bold, unconventional and yet charming, engaging and emotional.

As a challenger brand, it was essential that the Blau employees embrace the new brand philosophy of ‘less is more’. Everyone attended the brand inductions and received a special brand book, inspiring them to live the brand in their day-to-day roles. This was key to aligning the organisational culture and help everyone deliver a consistent ‘on brand’ experience across every touch point.


The new brand was a great success with both internal and external audiences. Rolled out across over 1000 retail outlets, on and off-line communications, the new brand quickly delivered results. Within 3 months after launch, the brand had increased it’s weekly subscriptions by 79%, a brand score based on consumer perception of Blau offering solutions which meet customer needs increased 120%, and compared to category average the number of existing customer intending to switch service providers decreased 57% .


The work won silver at the prestigious ADC Germany awards.


Today, we continue to work closely with Blau through our Brand Optimisation™ programme and in many other areas from packaging and design to digital experiences.

“Lambie-Nairn demonstrated excellent creative and strategic expertise. The result is distinctive, iconic and has a high recognition value. For me, this project is one of the most important cornerstones for the future development of Blau”

Veronika Montgomery, Senior Branding Manager at Telefónica