Intelligent banking



EVO Banco was created by NCG Banco as a division built on a new financial product: “Cuenta Intelligente” (the smart/intelligent bank account). Targeting a younger audience and using the latest technology, EVO Banco set out to keep things simple and flexible for all its customers, wherever they are.


Following a successful launch, Evo Banco went on to become a bank in its own right. In 2014, it was acquired by private equity firm, Apollo Global Management, along with other lines of B2C and B2B credit and financing services. Lambie-Nairn was asked to develop a clear positioning and brand architecture as well as a visual identity for this new group.


We developed the brand strategy and positioning building on the core brand idea “Inconformismo Inteligente” (Intelligent Nonconformity).


Rigorous strategic assessment led us to recommend a brand architecture that elevates EVO (the original brand for the bank) to the corporate umbrella brand, leveraging its innovation credentials and recognition value.

This new corporate brand defines its raison d’être through a new vision and mission: to put passion, effort and optimism in everything it does, build honest and transparent relationships with people, and reinvent finance for a better future.


The new visual identity was designed as an expression of EVO’s disruptive spirit, clearly reflecting four key brand values: intelligence, transparency, innovation and simplicity.

“Lambie-Nairn gave us our own strategic positioning, established our brand architecture and then designed a beautiful and long-lasting visual identity and system. What more could you ask for?”

Ana Donaire, Brand Director, EVO