Getting Closer

Saudi Telecom


Like many state telecom operators, STC has gone from monopolising its home market to competing with foreign and domestic players, raising customer expectations not just for service and quality, but relevance to their lives. We were tasked to strengthen STC’s brand, and regaining customer trust was paramount.


We devised the brand positioning ‘Getting Closer’ to help them do this. By getting closer to our customers, we get them closer to what they care most about. Applying equally to employees as well as all external audiences, this positioning allows the organisation to drive real behaviour change.


‘Getting closer’ also meant communications needed to be clear, direct and engaging. This was a big step change from the complicated and cluttered, inconsistent previous approach, with overlong headlines about product features rather than customer benefits.

We created a contemporary new white world with punchy, benefit-lead messages. The photography style brought us closer to the subject through close-ups of people, or a focus on people getting closer to what’s important to them. We took the same approach with tone of voice, iconography, illustration style, colour palette and logo evolution, so that all the brand elements worked in harmony, bringing to life the brand idea, and making communications much more effective.


In 2017, ‘Brand Finance’ rated STC ‘ most valuable Arab brand’ in the influential Global 500 rankings.

“We brought in Lambie-Nairn to refresh our brand, and they soon became a natural extension of our own team. Their people based internationally were easy to deal with, and they established an excellent team on-ground. They worked with us successfully at all levels – from senior management involvement and buy-in, to day-to-day management of the brand.


Having developed our new brand promise and identity, their unique approach to Brand Optimisation is instrumental in helping us and our agencies deliver the new brand to customers, from communications to products and services and the brand experience itself.”

Abdullah Al Fahad, Corporate Brand Management Director, STC