Consistency, coherence and relevance



Since 2006 Lambie-Nairn has been working with Telefónica – one of the world’s largest Telco providers – as lead brand agency.


Our role has been to head brand evolution projects across the Telefónica Institutional brand and their commercial brand global portfolio: O2, Vivo, Blau and Movistar. As global Brand Guardians, we help manage consistency, coherence and relevance.


As Telefónica faces new and accelerating competitive pressures from widespread technological convergence, it needs to maintain relevance and build loyalty, continuing to inspire a global audience to embrace the next frontier of digital change.


The challenge was to create a new global vision that could transform the entire organisation and work across its diverse portfolio of brands, supporting its leadership position and creating new efficiencies.

“Brand Guardianship has been the clear source of our brand value increase.”
Telefónica Marketing


Working collaboratively across the business and helping to support other partner agencies, Lambie-Nairn’s goal was to position Telefónica as an ‘Onlife Telco’ with ‘Choose it all’ as the unifying call to action across each of its brands.


One particular large-scale global initiative helped lead the transformation: Lambie-Nairn’s Brand Guardianship programme named ‘Brand Optimisation™’. This entailed the global coordination of 17 markets, 400 agencies, 260,000 employees across Telefónica and its commercial brands. Aligning and unifying the complete brand portfolio, whilst strengthening the individual brands would be key to delivering a flexible, scalable, and engaging programme, which would ensure brand coherence, consistency and ROI.


Lambie-Nairn’s collaborative efforts across the business and supporting other partner agencies has helped Telefónica to emerge as the ‘Onlife Telco’. Its global agenda has created a holistic brand transformation, shaping the decisions of 125,000 employees worldwide and creating new efficiencies through the reduction of localised brand strategies.


The ongoing programme has resulted in deeper brand engagement, the exploration of new business opportunities, powerful digital re-orientation and unprecedented brand synergies through the introduction of a single global platform.

Lambie-Nairn changed the perception and culture of brand management across all partner agencies from old style brand management to a more inspiring, dynamic and positive model, retaining accountability and independence for participating market brands. This revised brand management programme is called Brand Optimisation™.

  • 300,000+ Pieces of communications assessed to date, helping client and agency teams improve brand impact
  • 56% Uplift in Movistar brand value, attributed to the branding investment
  • 150,000+ employees and supporting agency staff have trained through brand inductions, inspiring and educating them about the importance of the brand from the outset

“Lambie-Nairn are one of our most valued partners …Their strategic and creative talents are excellent, and their commitment to help us grow both our brand and business is unique…I couldn’t want for a better brand agency.”

Tim Alexander, VP Brand Management, Telefónica Germany