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The Story of Now

Lambie-Nairn has created the brand identity for Story of Now,  a major new documentary series fronted by Idris Elba for the BBC and produced by ground-breaking video start-up TouchCast.

The documentaries will be housed on the new BBC Taster website but instead of following the usual linear format, TouchCast’s technology enables the viewer to interact and explore the subjects on a deeper level and on their own terms. Throughout the programmes, the viewer is invited to touch the screen via a series of Video Apps, which will delve into a specific topic in more detail before taking the viewer back to the main programme.

The platform is ground-breaking and will revolutionise the way people watch TV. In essence TouchCast looks like TV but feels like the web.

Lambie-Nairn was asked to create an identity system that would reflect the platform’s innovative technology, it needed to excite and engage the audience, whilst being simple and instinctive to navigate.