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O2 Health

Putting the heart back into healthcare

As brand guardians to O2, we were ideally placed to extend the brand into the health category with the creation of O2 Health. O2 Health uses the power of mobile technology to improve healthcare in the interests of patients through its products, Health at Home and Help at Hand.

The O2 Health positioning set the strategic direction for both service propositions, which closely influenced the specific look and key visuals across the packaging and other communications. The freshness and simplicity of the O2 brand is a key strength in differentiating O2 Health in the competitive health sector.

Graeme Haig, Design Director at Lambie-Nairn says: “Taking the core belief of ‘Care comes first’ a new visual language based around the heart was created. The heart language is flexible: as O2 Health grows and adds new products, the heart can adapt and evolve. The new visual language includes an illustration style that communicates information in an engaging and simple way.”

Sarah Dunn, Head of Marketing at O2 Health says: “Knowing the O2 brand back to front, Lambie-Nairn was ideally placed to help take the best of the brand and apply it to an exciting new sector for us.  The heart iconography and illustrative style echoes our brand promise that care comes first.”


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