Makes Sense

In 2011, to mark its 15th anniversary, Matrix an Indian based mobile solutions company offering international SIM cards and data solutions, was looking to reflect its growing business with a new brand identity. Extensive research and stakeholder interviews led us to the insight that service is their key differentiator within the the telecoms sector, with Matrix as the ‘Easy and Smart’ telecoms solution. This brand promise formed the basis of the new flexible brand identity, enabling Matrix to speak to its segmented audience. Similarly, we redesigned the website to fit with the the new brand strategy as it is a key business tool to help drive international perception and growth. Since the relaunch, we have worked with Matrix on a new financial product Matrix Forex card which can have 9 different major currencies loaded onto it and can  be used like a Debit and Credit card which means that travellers do not need to carry cash or travellers cheques whilst abroad.

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