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Justin and the knights of valour

A unique adventure

The animation studio KANDOR Graphics, in which Antonio Banderas is partner and producer, selected us to develop the visual identity of their latest blockbuster. “Justin and the Knights of Valour”, is a thrilling adventure set in a medieval kingdom, about a boy who chases his dream of becoming a knight.

Our main objective was to create a unique and impactful logo for the film that was consistent across all touchpoints and reflected both the film’s exciting plot and the personality of the characters. We were inspired by medieval fonts to create a logo that included a reference to the sword – an important part of the film.

We worked on developing a complete set of guidelines that defined the graphic specifications of each character and the visual elements of the universe around them. We also included an extensive collection of resources to develop the film material, such as icons or frames. This manual also provides guidelines for developing all kinds of applications for the communication of the film.

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