Achieve Ambitions

In an increasingly disruptive real estate landscape, JLL appointed Lambie-Nairn to help secure its brand position as a top player.


The brief required re-engaging JLL people and clients, to create stand out within the property sector where real differentiation between leading players was lacking.

To deliver the brief, Lambie-Nairn developed a new brand narrative and identity based on the creative proposition ‘Personal Touch’, strategically shifting the focus from buildings to people, and reflecting JLL’s expertise as a professional services business in doing so.

From this proposition a bold and engaging new visual personality was  created, using painted brush strokes and canvasses, while incorporating and refining existing elements – including the logo and colour palette, to maintain recognition. A new tone of voice added a verbal dimension to the brand, which was brought to life through print and digital communications channels, and physical environments.

The new brand successfully launched February 2017 across all 280 offices in EMEA, Asia Pacific and the Americas. JLL’s intranet has been awash with positive comments and photos from employees as they embrace the new brand.

We continue to work with JLL, optimising the brand and ensuring it works hard to support and drive JLL’s business objectives.