Rebranded Set

ITV News

Bringing the full story to life

Following the first network rebrand of ITV, the UK’s largest commercial television network, in 15 years, Lambie-Nairn won the pitch for the rebrand of the ITV News network and regional on-air identities. This included the brand platform, identity toolkit (logo, colour, graphic device, and audio), title sequences, on-air graphics package and set design in conjunction with Simon Jago.

The core idea at the heart of ITV News is the commitment “to bringing the audience the full story”. We were keen to convey this idea of combining different perspectives in order to get a better picture, and created a title sequence built on a grid system allowing us to communicate single themes or stories from a number of viewpoints. When viewed together the result is the ability to appreciate the ‘full story’.

A simple ‘news’ typeface and logo sit side by side with the new, colour-shifting ITV identity. The predominantly blue colour palette reflects the gravity of its content but also fits comfortably with the rest of the channel and the new network rebrand.

Designed to reflect the values and approach of ITV’s overall re-positioning, the new design system has an authoritative and consistent look and feel with application across the ITV News network. The national title sequences use imagery that portrays relevant and key themes such as healthcare, education or the economy, whilst the regional titles reference the local issues and contexts of the audience.

Although the title music has been refreshed, we retained the famous Big Ben bongs in a nod to ITV News’ heritage!

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