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Creating a global identity is the leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, offering booking services through its own network of localised websites and telephone call centres. In 2011, the European operations were brought under a global umbrella and we were commissioned to reposition the US-led brand for a global audience.

Retaining the focus on the brand’s sheer volume of hotel inventory, the brand was positioned as The smart place to book. 

Smart and savvy consumers don’t go anywhere else to book a hotel. We wanted to create an identity that reflected this single minded message.

The identity was designed as metaphor for the brand’s volume of hotels and delivers a branded experience across all activities, including brand communications, tactical communications and the rewards programmes. A bespoke headline font was designed for the brand toolkit, and animated end frame sequences for television.

The new identity truly reflects the position of as a leading global player, and has been rolled out across all the websites globally.


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