Eyes & Ears of Europe

A Fresh Media Network

Eyes & Ears of Europe is the European association for the design, promotion and marketing of audiovisual media. In January 2013, it invited over 500 of its members to submit a design proposal for their new logo. The organisation’s board chose two design proposals and invited members to vote for their favourite. Chosen for its contemporary style and approach, our design was put forward and won the poll!

Barbara Simon, Creative Director of Eyes & Ears of Europe said, “the new Eyes & Ears of Europe corporate design is a revolutionary step forward in our presentation and communication, displaying the “eyes” and “ears” in an abstract, modern and dynamic form. The design is flexible in its application across all media, offers colour variations for different categories and has international flair. It also sends a signal to our members that we are continuously in motion to keep things fresh and up to date.”

The new logo was unveiled at the 15th International Eyes & Ears Awards in Munich on the 17th of October.

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