Euronews 2016 Hero


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Euronews, the most-watched international news channel in Europe, is an independent and multi-platform media hub. Six hundred journalists, from more than 35 countries, report on world news round-the-clock in 13 editions (Arabic, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian).

Lambie-Nairn was commissioned to modernise the brand with a complete graphic overhaul of the channel’s news segments, main programmes, and all digital products.

We created a contemporary and dynamic look and feel – the essence of the Euronews brand – which is designed for the digital age and scalable across all Euronews’ regions and platforms.

A new logo and colour palette were developed to maximise legibility and recognition both on and off screen. We kept the pure circle element of the previous logo while also translating it into a new graphic system to add dynamism and pace, ensure impact and cut through.

Building on this new identity, we delivered core applications including idents, news openers, bespoke magazine identities, a promo toolkit and ad bumpers.

Collaborating closely with established composer, David Lowe, we also developed the channel’s audio identity.