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ESC 2014

ESC congress is the world’s largest and most influential cardiovascular event. Changes in EU legislation meant that attendees could no longer be funded as guests of commercial organisations in the sector. The event communications for the 2014 event needed to work much harder to drive registration.

Lambie-Nairn developed the core strategic idea ‘where everything comes together’ which built from the three proof points that this is the event to attend: best industry expertise, ground-breaking science and thinking, and the largest dedicated community.

The creative solution needed to have consistency between the annual events but also enable a freshness and reference to the hosting city. The solution was to create a network of flowing lines converging to a single point illustrating the idea of where everything comes together. These flowing lines represent the network of ESC and are suggestive of cardiovascular autonomy. Each year the basic elements remain constant in the identity whilst the colour and style reflects the host city.