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BrandZ™ Top 100

Making Data Digestible

Lambie-Nairn has designed and produced the 8th edition of BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands. This is the 5th time that we’ve partnered with BrandZ on this report. Created by WPP and Milward Brown, the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands is an annual publication that draws on information from the world’s largest brand equity database.

The editorial theme of this year’s report was ‘expert insight’ and quotes brand experts across the international WPP network.  We designed a report that showcases these complex and varied insights in an exciting and vibrant way.

BrandZ draws on information taken from 2 million interviews about 10,000 brands in 30 countries. We created a layout that ensures that the report’s data-rich content is as easily digestible and engaging as possible.

The information is brought to life through the use of iconography, infographics and photography presented across a simple layout.

Sophie Lutman, our Creative Director, says: “We used a magazine-style layout to keep complicated metrics and data accessible. The report is designed so that you can dip in and out as you would with a magazine. We also employed a particular photo style that places the brands in the real world.”

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